Privacy Policy

As of 21/05/2023

Introduction: Bookinghook takes privacy seriously and ensures personal data ("your data") is handled with care and confidentiality. The privacy statement explains how and why the organization uses the personal data collected.

Data Collection:
Electronic identification data: Includes IP address, device and browser data, location data. Website usage information: How users access the website, visited pages, navigation on pages, and visit duration. For processing this data, cookies are used (see Cookie Statement for more details). Registration information: Name, password, and email address when registering for an account.

Data Usage: Data is collected with consent to: Provide the service. Improve user experience. Email essential product updates. Resolve product functionality issues and bugs. Respond to legal requests or prevent fraud.

Data Sharing: No sharing of information or data with third parties outside of Bookinghook.

Data Retention: User data in a Bookinghook account is not deleted.

Privacy Policy Changes: Changes to the privacy policy may occur from time to time. Substantial changes affecting the collection or use of personal information will be notified to account holders.

Contact Information: For privacy-related questions, contact Bookinghook at: [email protected]

Last Updated: The privacy policy was last updated on May 21, 2023