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Bookinghook makes direct bookings easy. Our software helps dedicated hosts to maximize revenue while keeping full flexibility, ensuring success on their own terms.

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The gap in direct booking management

Bookinghook emerged to bridge a critical gap in the vacation rental market. Hosts are caught between the high commissions and constraints of platforms like Airbnb and the time-consuming, error-prone process of managing direct bookings through emails and phone calls. Our aim was to create a solution that simplified this process, making direct bookings accessible and straightforward without dependancy on external platforms.

Intuitive, host-friendly software

Our goal was clear: to build software that felt like an extension of the host, intuitive and powerful, yet simple enough to integrate into their daily routine without hassle.

A unique solution where others fell short

Existing solutions, notably hotel and property management software, are tailored for operations with full-time staff and come burdened with complexity. These complicated systems require a steep learning curve and nudge hosts towards reliance on external platforms. They lack what vacation rental hosts need the most: simplicity and control over their direct bookings. Bookinghook fills this gap with easy, powerful tools that put hosts in charge. Our hosts get started in minutes, not weeks or months, regardless of their digital maturity, and manage bookings on their terms.

Growing globally, focusing on host success

Today, Bookinghook is empowering a growing community of hosts across Europe—including Spain, France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and Belgium—and we're making strides into North America. We stand as more than just a software provider; we are a partner in every host's journey towards success, ensuring that they can run their vacation rental business on their terms.

Our values

1. Independent and agile

We are close with our hosts, listening to their feedback continuously to improve and tailor Bookinghook for their success.

2. Our hosts come first

Everything we do aims to make our hosts happier and more successful. Their satisfaction is our top priority, leading our path to growth.

3. Easy and enjoyable

We make sure using Bookinghook is simple and rewarding. Our goal is for hosts to not just use but love our product.

4. White-glove support

We offer quick, tailored help with a personal touch. Our approach ensures detailed understanding and attention to your needs, setting us apart from the big names.

Supported by Genesis Centre

Bookinghook is selected by Genesis Centre, a university business incubator in St John's, Canada.

* Genesis Centre was recognized as the Top Challenger in North America by UBI Global in World Benchmark Study 2021-2022
It's exciting to be part of Genesis' vibrant community

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